Curriculum Vitae


William Goldberg, LCSW, PsyA
171 Meadowbrook Road
Englewood, New Jersey 07631
Home Tel. (201) 894-8515
Fax: (201) 871-4674
Cell: (201) 638-2455

Married: One grown child


B.A., Rutgers University, 1968
Major: Political Science
Minor: Sociology

M.S.W., New York University, 1970
Major: Social Group Work

Psychoanalytic Certificate, Institute For Psychoanalytic Studies, 2010


  • 1976 to Present:
    Private Practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
  • 2004 to Present:
    I am an Instructor in the Social Work and Social Sciences Departments of Dominican College, Blauvelt, New York. I have taught classes on Social Work Methods, Social Problems, Social Deviance, Ethnicity, and Sociological Aspects of Religions and Cults.
  • 1975 to 2008:
    Program Supervisor for Rehabilitative Services, Rockland County, New York Department of Mental Health. In this capacity, I directed two continuing day treatment programs, an out-patient mental health clinic, and a partial hospitalization program. I supervised a staff of seventy professionals and para-professionals and administered a multi-million dollar budget. I was in charge of training and staff development for the Department and served as Consumer Advocate. Another of my duties was to serve as Chair of the Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities Workgroup of Rockland County Unified Services. This Workgroup, which had representation from every agency serving developmentally disabled individuals in Rockland County, met monthly to review services to this population and to propose new programs to better meet their needs. I retired from this position in October 2008.
  • 1972-1975:
    Program Director of the Elmwood Club of the Rockland County Mental Health Association
  • 1970-1972, Youth Services Supervisor of the YM-YWHA of Metropolitan New Jersey:

Special Projects

  • 2010 to Present: I have written an advice column for the periodical ICSA Today, published by the International Cultic Studies Association
  • 2000 to Present: Member, Editorial Board of The Cultic Studies Review
  • 2002 to 2003: Member, Board of Trustees, Jewish Family Service, Bergen County, New Jersey
  • 1982 to Present:
    I have addressed the psychiatric staffs of several hospitals, psychiatric centers and mental health centers on Program Considerations for Treatment of Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill Young Adults. I have presented papers to staffs of the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center, Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center, and Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, among others.
  • 1982 to Present:
    I have appeared on numerous television programs to discuss cults. I have appeared on The ABC Evening News, Newscenter 4, Midday Live, The John McLaughlin Show, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Geraldo Rivera Show, Good Day New York, First Edition and others.
  • 1979 to Present:
    I have been invited to testify before several state legislatures on regulations affecting residents of Adult Homes as well as on cult-related matters. I have testified before The New York State Assembly Committee on Child Care, The New York State Social Service Committee, The New Jersey State Assembly Judiciary Committee, and the Connecticut State Judiciary Committee.
  • 1978 to Present:
    I co-lead a support group for former cult members. It was the second support group in the country for former cult members and is presently the oldest group of its kind in the world.
  • 1977 to Present:
    I have presented a paper entitled, “The Psychodynamics of Cult Indoctrination and Mind Control” to the professional staffs of several mental health centers and professional organizations, including the Rockland County Community Mental Health Center, the Dumont, New Jersey Community Mental Health Center, Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center, Rockland Psychiatric Center, The Long Island Conference of Guidance Counselors, the New Jersey Psychological Association, the Suffolk County (NY) Psychological Association, the New Jersey Institute of Social Work Psychotherapists, and others.
  • 2010: I was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Cultic Studies Association
  • February 13, 1999:
    My wife and I were awarded the “Leo J. Ryan Award” by the Leo J. Ryan Educational Foundation
  • November 3, 1994
    I presented an original paper on the False Memory Syndrome to the New York Chapter of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, New York City
  • May 20, 1986:
    I presented the third annual Ruth Hutton Fred Lecture to the students and faculty of the Baylor University Medical School, Houston, Texas. The title of the lecture was, “Individual and Group Psychotherapy with Former Cultists” and was co-written by Lorna Goldberg.
  • October 20, 1988:
    My wife and I were awarded the Authentic Cult Awareness Network “Hall of Fame Award”
  • November 1989:
    I was a member of the faculty presenting a course entitled “Working with the Chronically Mentally Ill Young Adult” to the New Hampshire State Department of Mental Health, Manchester, New Hampshire

Teaching experience:

I have taught courses in Community Mental Health, Group Dynamics, Sociology, and Problems of Sociology to students in Bergen Community College and Rockland Community College. I have also taught courses in Social Work Methods, Social Problems, Social Deviance, Ethnicity, and Sociology of Religions and Cults to students of Dominican College.
I am presently on the faculty of the Institue for Psychoanalytic Studies, where I teach a course on Transference.

Supervisory experience:

I have supervised first and second year students in graduate school of social work from Fordham University, New York University, Yeshiva University, Hunter College, and Columbia University
In October 2010, I was certified as a Clinical Social Work Supervisor by the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers
I am presently supervising a Candidate for Certification as a Psychoanalyst from the Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Teaneck, NJ


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  • 1972 to Present:
    Academy of Certified Social Workers: by examination
  • 1976 to Present:
    Certified Social Worker, State of New York, by examination, Certification no. 16562
  • 1988 to Present:
    Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, certificate number 0066327
  • 1995 to Present:
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of New Jersey,
    License no. SC 06782
  • May 2010
    Certificate of Graduation, Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies
  • October 2010
    Certified Clinical Supervisor, State of New Jersey